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eLine's Servers are located around Melbourne, Sydney and the USA in state-of-the-art facilities that provide a robust, reliable and secure environment for hosting.

The network rooms include raised floors, sophisticated temperature and humidity control, an array of physical security features, state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors, closed circuit video monitoring and 24 x 7 secured access. Redundant subsystems including multiple Internet connections, power on the premises and backup generator provides the highest levels of reliability.

eLine is not limited to any data centre and will go wherever the customer's needs take them . In order to provide maximum redundancy and reliability eLine will conduct an audit on the data centre to make sure it meets eLine's minimum requirements as follows:

The facility will be connected to its own mains power substation within the building. In case of interruption to mains power, backup power is supplied by both 60KVA and 40KVA UPS supported by a 350KW Turbo Charged V12 Generator with over 2500 litres of diesel on site, enabling the facility to seamlessly power through any extended interruption to main power.
Each rack is individually connected on its own 10AMP socket and circuit breaker, so power to our/your equipment will not be affected if another customer's equipment 'throws a breaker'.

The Internet connectivity is provided through the high speed local backbones and international links of several suppliers. Through these suppliers there must be a number of peering traffic exchange points throughout Australia.
The paths to the Internet are fully redundant, using several telco providers and entries to the buildings. In the event of an outage on one path the connection will switch to another path. Close attention is made to bandwidth usage, ensuring capacity exceeds demand.

The environment within the facility will be constantly monitored and air conditioned using dual Leibert 70KWA under floor air conditioning systems, maintaining both temperature and humidity. The workload is shared across both units but can be maintained by a single unit if required.

The state-of-the-art VESDA smoke detection, installed in the ceiling and floor. Vesda 'sniffs' the air, using a laser to detect particles of smoke long before a human could detect it. In case of failure, a secondary smoke detection system is fitted throughout the facility.

The building and network rooms within are independently secured. A closed circuit video system records all access to the facility. Lockable front and rear doors on each cabinet provides additional security for equipment and cables.