Software Development
We specialise in developing software for data management and analysis applications, particularly for SMEs and Government.

Generally we work to a fixed price contract to ensure projects are delivered within budget, however for greater flexibility can also work on an hourly rate. Projects are undertaken using rapid application and incremental development models.

Wherever possible, we aim to integrate and enhance existing systems rather than starting from scratch. In this event, we work with you to develop purpose-built applications that meet your needs and budget.

Broad categories of projects we undertake include:
Public and E-Commerce Websites
Financial/performance modelling and analysis systems
Resource/infrastructure management and tracking systems
Workflow management systems

We provide software engineering and consulting services for server-side and client applications for the following platforms:
Windows Desktop/Server/CE (2000+)
Linux/UNIX/Mac OS X

We are not reliant on particular technologies, and are focused on using the best tools for the job. However, we regularly employ the following databases and languages:

.NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby
MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
If you're looking for website designers and engineers who not only make your website work for you, but make it look great at the same time, look no further than eLine Solutions.

What do you get with a website from eLine Solutions and its creative partner?

Our Arachnean proprietary Content Management System (CMS) brings these benefits:

Confidence in both design and build. Our award-winning designers and technicians invented some of the innovations behind the sites we build.

Ease of use. Where other site-builders force you to rely on them for upgrades and pay for refreshes, Arachnean CMS lets you change your details, anywhere, anytime with absolute simplicity.

Quality. We don't sacrifice quality for price. Your site has an important job to do. We will not compromise its functionality.

Speed. With streamlined functionality, enterprise quality databases and server caching, your eLine website is the fastest in the business.

Flexibility. Unlike many content management systems, Arachnean will work with any design, structure and number of web pages.

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