Hosting is available in a share or dedicated server environment, depending on your performance requirements.

Hosting packages are payable yearly in advance and include up to five hours a year of technical support. This support includes troubleshooting of technical issues relating to website performance, hosting and email accounts.

The network includes extensive security, environment control, UPS and back-up generator power, secure rack cabinets, server monitoring and notification, gigabit fibre and 100Mb ethernet networking throughout.
Connections to multiple high capacity Internet backbones, using different carriers and entries to the network, ensure that in the event of an outage on one path the connection will automatically switch to others. Servers have generous bandwidth allowances and connection speeds up to 100Mbps.

For details on packages and pricing, contact our sales department

Server Management

From supplying the hardware, to setting up your software, to monitoring and upgrading your server, we can meet all your needs. Whether you're just hosting a few websites or using your server as the hub of your online presence, our Server Management Services has something to offer you!
Our completely Australian based staff will perform all the necessary maintenance and upgrades to ensure your server(s) are always running at their optimum level
Your Server Management package also includes an additional 1 hour of support time per month for any unexpected issues or Software installations.
Our monitoring services actively monitor your server and any services running, popular services we monitor include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP, SSH and MySQL, however this is only a few of the services that can be monitored.

Our system provides us with live alerts from our remote monitoring locations and actively notifies us of any issues that may arise, so we can immediately investigate and resolve the issue.
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